Customisable eTextile Sensing System:

We have developed a specialised highly sensitive, highly customisable sensing system that may be embedded into complex surfaces.

Our patented fabric based sensors allow for high resolution detection of pressure and flexion. It is perfect for embedding into everyday life, including applications such as floors, cars, chairs, beds, clothing and wearables. We are partnering with several major companies to embed our sensing system in their future products.

Human behaviour AI for Posture

Our state of the art human pose models and AI is capable of classifying hundreds of states of human posture and motion.

We have built a library of data or accurately detecting human pose states for various body shapes and sizes. Our human pose algorithms have been implemented to detect different sitting postures for development of IoT chairs and e-health platforms. We can detect an abundance of different standing poses for enhancing exercise, balance training and full body gaming interfaces.

Human behaviour AI for Motion

Using our human pose model as a foundation, we have expanded the AI capabilities for detecting human motion in sitting, standing, exercising, driving and sleeping applications.

For standing applications LIFEFORM AI can detect human movements such as walking, running, squatting, jumping, body rotations and weight shifting. This is especially powerful in exercise, sports and rehabilitation where we can enhance the experience of both user and trainer by offering detailed analysis, guidance and feedback. We take it to the next level by comparing data in real time with that of a professional to personalize your program.

LIFEFORM wellbeing software suite:

We have developed a range of software solutions based on our LIFEFORM interfaces.

Our solutions range from specialises device firmware, smartphone applications, PC software and cloud based applications. The Lifeform software suite provides each user with a personalised and highly customisable experience, where they can track their improvements, manage daily programs and modify device parameters. For businesses we provide specialised solutions to manage multiple Lifeform devices and get the most out of your smart office.

Behavioural Trends and Personalized Feedback

Through our premium packages we host your LIFEFORM data on our cloud and online database.

This works across all LIFEFORM products and services, from our IoT cushions, chairs, car seats and training mats. We offer several programs depending on user preference. Our developed AI will analyse your data for trends on a regular basis and develop improvement strategies for your personal program. This is delivered to each of our users in a personalised feedback report which details the trends, improvements and forward strategies for each system.