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AI New Era / Lifeform AI Training Support at the Gym

3rd March 2023, News Article Published by Nikkan Japan

Lifeform AI (Sydney, Australia, CEO Karlos Ishac), a venture started by graduates of Tsukuba University, is developing a training support system for gym. The system uses pressure-sensitive mats to measure body movement and centre of gravity, and uses AI technology to advise on the correct posture. The pressure-sensitive mats can be manufactured economically, and AI can link training data at the gym with exercise data at home. The aim is to create a community where anyone can easily develop skills anywhere. ‘We want the body to learn skills like you download software,’ explains CEO Karlos. A mat with pressure-sensitive sensors is used to measure a person’s movements. In Gyms, it measures, for example, the shift of the centre of gravity during a squat. The AI was trained by collecting training data from athletes and other professionals. For each squat, it advises on areas for improvement, such as the width of both feet and the wobble of the centre of gravity. When squatting to avoid a damaged knee, it is pointed out that the weight is being placed on one leg. 


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The training menu includes shoulder presses, deadlifts and other training exercises for the shoulders, arms, trunk and legs. Katia Bourahmoune, COO, explains, “As the number of users increases and more data is collected, more factors can be judged more precisely. The pressure-sensitive mat is soft, allowing the user to jump and run on the mat. They are not easily broken even if weights are dropped. They are easy to clean and suitable for operation in gyms and at home. Exercise games and rehabilitation menus have also been developed. The gym can increase customer retention rates by encouraging them to link data from home exercises and gym workouts. Currently, trainers give advice on diet management and send exercise reminders. The company was introduced to Tokyo Dome Sports (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) by the steering committee when it participated in the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards (AEA), jointly organised by the University of Tokyo’s Industry-Academia Co-Creation Promotion Division, Mitsui Fudosan and others, and is currently conducting a demonstration at a fitness club. As the users are mainly first-time users, a simple user interface with scores and advice was prepared. Then, light users ordered deeper analysis. CEO Karlos said, “We are doing the analysis. We have to show the user how far we can go and make it more satisfying as a training experience”, he wisely said. This also needs to be in line with the gym concept. The technology has been established and the service will be created in collaboration.



Technology Showcase will be launched at Tokyo Dome Fitness Club

【20 February – 5 March: Fitness Experience of the Future】


Demonstration of the Future Gym training system with AI trainer‘s feedback

(Tokyo, February 9th, 2023) Lifeform AI (address: Sydney, Australia; CEO: Dr. Karlos Ishac), an AI Healthtech  startup, is pleased to announce that from 20th February to 5th March 2023, the company's innovative training system, the Lifeform Future Gym will be launched in a  demonstration project at the Tokyo Dome Fitness Club. Lifeform AI participated in the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards (hereafter: AEA) 2021, an innovation award in which selected entrepreneurs from Asian countries and regions compete.The AEA Steering Committee subsequently is supporting the organisation of this demonstration project.

Lifeform AI is a startup established by graduates of the University of Tsukuba. The AEA Steering Committee is supporting this demonstration project to act as a bridge between Lifeform AI, a startup with innovative technology, and Japanese companies, and to encourage its expansion in the Japanese market.

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In this demonstration project, people can experience the future of training through Lifeform AI’s 'Future Gym System', which is an AI-based training system. During the showcase, people can learn how to correctly perform various exercises from an AI coach trained on a wide range of expert trainer data on Lifeform AI’s patented smart sensing technology. In this way, a person can learn from Lifeform AI’s ‘Master Coach’. The AI coach will assess the user’s skill and provide personalized feedback on how to improve their technique.  Through using this system, users can acquire and improve training skills even in environments where a trainer is not nearby or available. 

In this demonstration, you will be able to experience a 5-minute program and receive feedback on your technique from the AI trainer who will provide individual feedback and recommendations on the correct way to train and how to improve your technique. As well as this, people can experience other features in the showcase such as smart balance assessments.  Enjoy the fitness experience of the future using innovative AI powered sensing technology.

Lifeform AI will use this project as an opportunity to scale the Future Gym System, which designs the future of training, in Japan, and the AEA Steering Committee will continue to provide support, including creating opportunities for collaboration with Japanese companies.

About Future Gym

The Lifeform AI Future Gym uses Lifeform AI’s AI powered sensing technology to provide a revolutionary training experience based on state-of-the-art human sensing. This system enhances training by actively sensing user posture and motion in various skills and providing tailored AI-powered guidance to augment physical skill acquisition. The users skill level can range from beginners to professional athletes and the Future Gym system will provide recommendations regardless of their level of training proficiency.

The core algorithms and technology were developed by the company founders Dr. Karlos Ishac and Katia Bourahmoune who are both academic researchers in robotics and AI.


  • Feedback from AI coaches
  1. 1.  Sense user’s posture and movement using the Lifeform AI sensing interface.
  2. 2.  AI based analysis of user training skills and key exercise metrics such as "motor skills", "balance" and "posture"
  3. 3.  Provide individual feedback and recommendations from the AI trainers
  • Popular training study programmes

Users can learn Popular workouts such as squats, deadlifts and barbell shoulder press through active guidance by the on-screen AI trainer.

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【About the potential of AI trainer in the fitness market】

The sports tech market, which utilizes cutting-edge IT technology and AI to create new solutions for the sports industry, has continued to grow in recent years, particularly overseas, where various initiatives in the sports industry are underway. In Japan, the sports tech market is forecast to be worth 154.7 billion yen by 2025 (*1), and is attracting significant attention as a market that is expected to expand not only through the creation of new businesses but also through reinvestment. In addition, with the COVID-19  now under control and in the post-COVID period, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to maintain their health and are resuming sports activities which had been interrupted by the pandemic (*2).

Lifeform AI believes that this growing consumer interest in training will also increase consumers' need for easier access to advanced training.

*1: IT Navigator 2020 (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.).

*2: 2021 Public Opinion Survey on the State of Sports Implementation (Japan Sports Agency).


【Message from Lifeform AI Founders】

CEO Dr. Karlos Ishac

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We set out to create a system that could provide people with smart professional training anytime, anywhere by combining our unique AI and sensing technologies. At the same time, we want our users to experience something truly powerful and impressive that can help them learn a new skill at an accelerated pace. The Future Gym System is the first step toward realizing this vision, and we look forward to providing you with a new training experience through this demonstration project at the Tokyo Dome, one of Tokyo's most iconic landmarks.


 CEO, Researcher & Inventor

Dr. Karlos Ishac is a Robotics Engineer and Emerging Technologies pioneer with a famed portfolio of inventions and research achievements. He is the primary inventor and business lead of Lifeform AI.


COO, AI Leader Katia Bourahmoune (PhD Graduand)

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 How humans learn and acquire new skills is a truly fascinating process. We see the great potential of using machine learning to augment physical skill acquisition and unlock the full capabilities of human learning. Lifeform AI is on a mission to revolutionize the training experience using AI and human sensing. Through this, we aim to provide smarter training methods for people anytime, anywhere.





COO, AI Lead and Researcher

Katia Bourahmoune is a Machine Learning and Neuroscience expert pushing the limits of modern AI. She leads the primary strategy and AI developments at Lifeform AI.


【About Lifeform AI】

Lifeform AI is a startup founded by graduates of the University of Tsukuba. The company is based in Australia and conducts research and development of AI healthcare and fitness technology in Tsukuba, Japan.

Using patented smart textile sensing technology and AI-based human behavior models, LifeformAI developeds an IoT platform to enhance the training experience in fitness gyms, at home and at work.

So far, it has launched the IoT AI healthcare solutions 'LifeChair' and 'LifeMat'. 'LifeChair' has partnered with Fujitsu to develop solutions for the workplace of the future.

Participated in the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards 2021. Funded by ASTRANS Corporation ( ).

Company name: Lifeform AI

Representative: Dr. Karlos Ishac



【About Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) Steering Committee】

AEA is an international innovation award that brings together thebest tech startups from fast-growing Asia and compete for business presentations to solve social challenges. Since the first event in 2012, 275 technology startups from 17 Asian countries and regions have  participated in AEA.

AEA aims to build an ecosystem for innovation in Asia by integrating industry, government, and academia, which includes Asian startups, Japanese private companies and  supporting organizations and facilitating theenhances matching between them. 

This demonstration project has been realized as part of that process. We hope that AEA will encourage successful business collaboration between Asia's leading startups and Japanese companies.

Organization name: Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) Steering Committee

Representative: Shigeo Kagami, Chair of AEA Steering Committee

Established: 2012

Co-organized by;

  • The University of Tokyo, Division for the Promotion of Co-creation between Industry and Academia
  • Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
  • TX Entrepreneur Partners Incorporated Association
  • The Japan Venture Association
  • Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)



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